Gyrokomeio Grill house

In the central square of Nafplio you will find Gyrokomeio, with delicious dishes of excellent quality and the best prices.

With tables inside and outside it supplies you with atmosphere and comfort wherever you choose.

For souvlaki, and grilled dishes, kebabs, steaks, hamburgers, skewered pork, chicken skewers and all sorts of pleasures, we have the best in the area.

Welcome you to the town of Nafplio and we invite you to enjoy a wonderful meal.





phone: +30 2752023600

Daily from 12:00pm to 01:00am
You can see the menu here!

  • skewered pork
    skewered pork
  • souvlaki
  • steaks
  • souvlaki pita gyro pork
    souvlaki pita gyro pork
  • souvlaki pita gyro chicken
    souvlaki pita gyro chicken